About Us

Korea has some of the best cycling in Asia, however it can be challenging to find trail information gathered in one place. Jumping from blog to blog, site to site can be frustrating for biking enthusiasts looking for English information. We hope to make it easy for English speakers in Korea to find all the information they are looking for in one spot. We are always looking for new writers to create the largest amount of content in one place. This collaborative blog hopes to bring together a wide variety of cyclists in Korea, from people who rent bikes along the Han river to mountain bikers to cross-country trekkers.

Our Team:
Name: Jo-Anna
Job: ESL teacher
Favorite ride: Ganghwa Island
Goal: Fill up the whole 4 Rivers Passport!
Bio: Jo-Anna came to Seoul in 2008 and she started riding (somewhat) seriously in 2012. She would, by no means, call herself a expert rider, but she loves spending her weekends trying new intercity bike routes. She is a long time blogger at The View from Over Here and the founder of The Korea Bike Blog.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking to ride the four rivers bike path from Seoul to Busan this September, but as I don't love in Korea, I don't have my own bike, and I'm finding it impossible to find anywhere that will do longterm rentals without going through a ridiculously expensive tour operater.

    Do you know of anywhere that will rent out bikes for 10 days ?