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In order to create the most substantive, interesting and informative information in English for biking in Korea on the net, we are always looking for more stories! We encourage submissions from any and all biking lovers. Blog posts can range from leisure biking to cross-country treks. We also welcome stories from events, races. Information on places to buy bikes in Korea importing bikes from abroad or bringing your bike are also welcome! Advertisements for events are also welcome! As long as it's bike related, we're interested to read what you have to write!

Requirements for blog posts:
All post content must be written in English (bilingual posts are also welcome, we encourage place names to be written in both Korean and English).
Guest posts must be submitted to Jo-Anna  at smileyjkl (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Create appropriate tags so visitors can find your content easily.
After submitting three quality guest posts, you can apply to become a contributing writer with editing privileges. This is a COLLABORATIVE blog!
Posts must follow the following formats (cover all that apply or add new categories as necessary):

Bike Trail/Path Posts:
Trail/Path Conditions:
How to get there:
Things to See:
Places to Eat:
My Story:

1: Suitable for all levels and all bikes. Relatively flat, clearly marked bike paths which rarely or never enter car roads. Paths are paved and generally well maintained. 
2: Suitable for most people who have basic biking skills. Some small hills may be present. Bike paths are marked, but sometimes enter car roads. A good bicycle would be preferred, but is not necessary.
3: Recommended for experienced bike riders only. Steep hills are prevalent and riding with car traffic may be necessary for long periods of time. Trails may not be paved and some off-road biking may be necessary. Proper bicycle equipment is required.
4: Experts only. Steep hills and riding with car traffic is prevalent. Rough or unmarked trails. Well-maintained bicycles with proper equipment required. Repair kit recommended in case of emergency.

Event Coverage:
Event Title:

Event Advertisement:
Event Title:
Location/Meeting Place
How to Join:
What to Bring:

Places to Shop:
Store Name:
Stellar Staff Members:

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