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By: Asif Quadri

Date: September, 2012

Terrain: Mostly flat with some modest hills

Difficulty: 2-Moderate - mostly easy except hill climbing

Trail/Path Conditions: This is a rural island so it's a mix of car roads and walkways through vegetable fields

Things to see: Natural scenery, coastline, small hamlets, rural life, lighthouse.

Getting there : You must take a ferry from Gunsan on the mainland. Bike rentals were arranged by the pension through our tour group. You can try asking at  the port terminal for more information.

Places to eat: By the ferry port restaurants and mart.

Organized by: The Korea Blog/ KOCIS

My Story:

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Sunday morning on Seonyudo, we went biking early, the sun was quite strong considering it was only 9am and how strong the winds had been the night before.

Low Tide

As you leave the guesthouse area there is a large and long hill on a turn to take you to the main part of the island.

Then we continued along the shoreline but turned inland to a small village. Here there was some artwork painted on the wall to decorate the village. Everyone took turns posing but the giant wings which seem common in Korea.

Village Artwork

Behind the village was a small harbour with a lighthouse. It had a giant red hand held up motioning you to stop. As we reached the lighthouse the inscription said it was actually two palms pressed together in prayer. If you make a wish here your prayers will be answered.

Praying Hands Lighthouse

After this it was time to bike back to the guesthouse taking another shortcut. By now we had worked up and appetite for a late breakfast and morning biking in the sun.

Biking Back Inland
Biking back inland

There was a fish and vegetable soup, along with small grilled fish and other side dishes. I mixed the soup with my rice and added the grilled fish on top to make a filling breakfast.

Hungry for Late Breakfast

The owner and his wife saw us off and had been great hosts. They are actually a retired couple from Gyeonggi-do province outside Seoul and have only owned the business for about a year.

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